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OhioHealth Group offers employers and their employees all the advantages of a large pharmacy benefit management program, plus local provider ownership and values you trust. We manage more than 225,000 prescriptions each year, and have 20 years of experience working with healthcare providers in Ohio. Our pharmacy benefit management program, SignatureScriptsTM, offers a comprehensive pharmacy network and a team of professionals with the clinical knowledge to support your benefit design decisions.


Employee drug benefits are expected and expensive. Providing them keeps your employees healthy and productive. But your drug benefit can be a costly, complex benefit that is tough to control.

Off the shelf products can provide the benefits, but not the insight to find opportunities for improved quality and lower costs. You may not have the time or expertise to determine if your employees, particularly those on maintenance drugs, are getting the right drugs at the best price.

And you shouldn’t have to—you have a business to run.

So do we. SignatureScripts™ is a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) that brings:
  • Aggressive drug pricing
  • The most competitive rebates
  • Nationally recognized claims administration
  • Clinical knowledge to support your benefit design decisions

Our name signals our business approach. We know each individual is different and each SignatureScripts account has specific needs. We intend to make our mark. You will see—and can measure—the impact of our prices, service and counsel on the overall health of your company.

SignatureScripts services include:
  • Eligibility verification
  • Online claims adjudication
  • Concurrent DUR
  • Biweekly invoicing
  • Standard and ad hoc reporting
SignatureScripts has the flexibility to design a drug benefit package that meets our customer needs. Options include:
  • Split copays for generic/brand name drugs
  • A percentage copay with minimum/maximum amounts
  • Multi-tiered copays for generics/preferred brands/all other brands
  • Separate Rx deductible
  • Drug inclusion/exclusion options
  • Claim dollar maximums
  • Mandatory generics
  • MAC (HFCA) pricing for generics
  • Maintenance Drug access through mail order or local pharmacy network
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
All prescription claims are processed online, in real time, by SignatureScripts pharmacies and offer:
  • Eligibility verification
  • Plan design information
  • Claim submission
  • Claim adjudication
  • Patient profiles
  • Concurrent DUR
  • Formulary administration

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